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A smart home with our home automation solutions

Comment avoir une maison intelligente avec nos solutions en domotique

Home automation is a technology that allows the entire house to be controlled by a centralised interface. It offers comfort, security, but above all energy savings to its users. How to have a smart home with our home automation solutions?


If you plan to automate your home, it is important to set up a home automation system. You will need the brain or a home automation box to centralise all the information about your house. It is necessary to trigger the actions.
Sensors are also essential, as the box will not pick up anything without these peripherals installed throughout the house. These are the sensors that read the temperature and measure the CO2 level and the noise level.
They also detect gas leaks and monitor electricity consumption. Installing actuators is also necessary to control your appliances or to automate certain elements such as shutters, awnings, or the garage door.

Comment avoir une maison intelligente avec nos solutions en domotique


If you have a hospital, a nurse call system is an essential home automation solution. It allows patients to alert the nurses in an emergency.
If you have a hotel, however, a hotel management system is more appropriate. If it is a home, you will have to choose the home automation protocol.
You can choose between an open protocol and a proprietary protocol. It should be chosen according to your situation. However, the open protocol allows you to change the system if the manufacturer disappears.


The roller shutter centralization system allows you to control the closing and opening of your doors and windows. The control is done from a remote or a wall-mounted transmitter.
It ensures ease of use and enhanced security, whether in a home or in professional and administrative premises. Moreover, centralisation is not only useful in new buildings.
It is also possible to centralise the roller shutters in a house that is being renovated.
We can provide you with a wired centralization or a BUS centralization. It opens the way to comprehensive home automation. After the centralization of the roller shutters, you can add controls for your household appliances, your lighting, your heating, etc.
With this system, you will only have to press one button to open and close all the shutters in your home. You will no longer need to walk around the room.

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