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Company Name : Ipalpex (IPA)
Date of birth : 1999
Employees Number : 52
Export Billing : 1,5 M€


ISO 9001: 2000
CSTBat : 152-1223

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IPA is a company specialized in the production and marketing of multilayer pipes. Aware of the challenge represented by this type of product, the company has invested heavily and uses the most efficient technology: the laser welding.

First Arab-African company to manufacture multilayer pipes, IPA has set itself the objective of providing a quality product able to compete with the largest manufacturers on an international scale. It now has a young and dynamic team formed by European specialists in this pipe.

Certified CSTBat (QB) (152-1223) and ISO 9001 (v.2000), IPA continually seeks to satisfy its customers by being as close as possible to their needs. It benefits from an excellent brand image thanks to the consistency of the quality of the products supplied.

Its markets extend over the Mediterranean area and its surroundings (Arab Maghreb, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Kosovo, etc.) and IPA targets other countries through the international fairs and events in which it participates.

IPALPEX is the newest generation of pipes used in sanitary, heating, drinking water and natural gas installations. This new product combines the advantages of metal with those of plastic in a single support, the advantages of one compensating for the shortcomings of the other.

Thus, the negative aspects of the metal such as corrosion, toxicity, scale encrustation, rigidity, high pressure drops, are neutralized by the PE-X pipe which is in contact with the fluid. The negative aspects of the plastic material such as permeability to gaseous molecules and UV rays, strong thermal expansion and instability are eliminated thanks to the presence of the internal aluminum tube.

The IPALPEX pipe is produced in rolls or bars. The laser-welded aluminum sheet guarantees total integrity to the internal PE-X tube and thereby gives the IPALPEX pipe absolute compliance with the most stringent international standards in terms of impermeability, resistance and solidity.

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