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Glass Roofs and Verandas

Glass Roofs and Verandas are between the most important product that TBP offer.

Glass Roofs

The glass roof, a real source of light, is available in several shapes:

  • Pyramidal with square base;
  • Pyramidal with a rectangular base,
  • Double-sided;
  • Single sided or flat;

They can be sliding or fixed with the possibility of integrated opening windows activated by electrical motors.

Aluminium glass roof is a fashion trend for housing, shopping centres and offices buildings.

verrières et vérandas


Lightweight aluminium structures and high-performance glazing allow the integration of an outdoor space with the indoor space while maintaining thermal and acoustic performance.

It is a room in its own right and can be used as a living room, winter garden or swimming pool. In most cases, it is added to a house after it has been built to gain space and enhance its value.

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