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Plasterboard and Ceilings

TBP specializes in plasterboard and ceilings, essential products in the building construction industry.


Plasterboard is the most popular choice for making ceilings in residential and commercial structures. Plasterboard was invented by accident but has since become an essential part of modern construction. Our product line covers:
– Wet system accessories
Cement plaster
– Removable False Ceiling: The removable false ceiling is also known as a suspended ceiling, which is a more recent approach to decorative ceilings. This ceiling construction is an excellent way to combine aesthetic appeal with a versatile use of space. This type of ceiling can be used virtually anywhere in your home or company.
– Plasterboard: Plasterboard is a brick-sized building product made of plaster and reinforcing mesh. Commonly installed on walls and ceilings, it is the most common interior wall material used in new buildings. Plasterboard can also be used as a subfloor in buildings and sheds at very low cost, or as a substrate under linoleum flooring, vinyl tile, wallpaper or adhesives.
– Plate structure
– Access Doors
– Accessories
– Cement board
– Plaster: Plaster is one of the most commonly used building materials for ceilings. It is fireproof and mold resistant. Plaster has been manufactured for many years, its composition varying slightly over time.
– PFT Machines
– PFT Accessories

TBP has specialists in plasterboard and ceilings at your service, so feel free to contact us! We will make sure that your projects will be a complete success with the best products and services.