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Miniature Circuit Breakers

Miniature Circuit Breaker

TBP is skilled in Miniature Circuit Breakers. Our Range consist of following products:

– Miniature Circuit Breaker up to 125A
– Residual current devices and Breakers
– Enclosures and accessoires


What is a Miniature circuit breaker?

A Miniature Circuit Breakers is protection unit that trips and switch off the current on event of tow types of defaults:

– Overload : is a consumption of current that exceed the capacity of transporting cables, this tripping is achieved via a Bimetal system.
– Short circuit : a current flow btween Phase-Phase or Phase-Neural wire , this tripping is achieved via a magnetical coil.

Miniature circuit breaker are designed to protect cables and equipements

What is a Residual current Device?

This device reacts on earth leakage current, also throw a person Body. The residual current device trips on event of a current flow to the earth by values of 30mA, a Value that can cause an irreversible damage by human body.

The Residual current device is designed mainly to protect persons.