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Experts in civil engineering Works


All construction work requires the know-how of civil engineering experts, ranging from drafting plans to the actual construction of the buildings. But what exactly does this entail?


Civil engineers work with other designers who specialise in building-related matters. They study the design, construction, and implementation of various systems. This includes foundations, structures and even equipment such as electricity.

Their work generally revolves around four (4) sectors: residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial. Thus, regardless of the environment and the purpose of the construction, it cannot be accomplished without the civil engineer.


There are several areas in which civil engineering operates, and these fields of intervention generally correspond to buildings and public works.

Building construction is not confined to the construction of a well-designed and calculated building. It requires an access road to the construction site and extends to the installation of various energy connections such as water, electricity, gas, etc. All of this is called Roads and Miscellaneous Networks (RON – VRD in French).

Regardless of the environment (urban or rural) and the fields (private or professional), the RON always come into effect. The same applies to the type of work, whether it is an installation or a repair.

When it comes to building construction, it is essential to carry out certain studies regarding its feasibility. In this case, it is essential to prepare the site for this purpose. Earthworks may therefore be required, and this is part of RMN. However, earthworks are not limited to building construction, it extends to several other developments of varying sizes.

Still related to the building construction, these of course require water supply. The connections are part of RMN, yet there are still some steps to follow: the hydraulic works. This is another branch of civil engineering that deals with the supply of water. This refers to both the connection of drinking water and sanitation.

The complexity of this part of the civil engineering work depends to a large extent on the site location: hydraulic works are less complicated if there is a source nearby, and present difficulties if there is not.

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