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Electrical transformers

Transformateurs électriques

To carry out the electrical works in the best conditions, you must gather all the necessary equipment, including an electrical transformer. It is the centerpiece of the electricity distribution system. Indeed, it is a device which makes it possible to transform a system of alternating voltages and currents into another system of voltages and currents of the same frequency, but of different values. This transformation allows electrical energy to be transmitted. There are several models for this type of device, and here are the most popular ones.


To transform one voltage into another with the same power, one needs a transformer. A single-phase type only has one iron core, two copper coils and metal windings.
You will find quality single-phase electrical transformers at TBP – the company produces circular type models. As a result, they can be installed on poles with no cabin or cell. They are also immersed transformers. You can place orders for your uninterruptible power supply systems.

Transformateurs électriques


There are also three-phase transformers, which are made up of three cores and six copper coils. Efficient, they operate like single-phase electrical transformers, but with a higher voltage. All TBP products are of high quality. Three-phase models are designed with reliable materials, and they comply with CEI-76 standards.


For medium-voltage electrical distribution, you will need dry-type electrical transformers. For example, they are useful for increasing or decreasing the AC voltages of auxiliary services in large factories. You can also install them for the supply of industries, shopping centres, schools or even for residential distribution. These dry-type electrical transformers are offered at competitive prices by TBP.


Resin electrical transformers are designed with multi-layer laminated iron powder cores. They are wrapped with magnetic wires and covered coated with a moisture resistant resin.
This type of transformer can be used in various locations. With power ranging from 50 kVA to 3,150 kVA and voltage from 33 kV to 36 kV, it can meet all needs. It also has other advantages such as a low noise level which ensures the comfort of the people on site and saves energy.

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