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Three Phase Transformer

What is an Electrical Transformer?

An electrical transformer is a passive machine that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another using a magnetic flux to induce an electromotive force. Transformers are used to increase (step-up) or decrease (step-down) voltages without changing the frequency of the electric current.

Three-phase Electrical System

Single-phase and three-phase electrical systems use alternating current (AC). AC is a form of electricity that is constantly changing amplitude and direction, usually characterized by a sine wave. AC signals have three main properties: period, frequency, and amplitude.

Transformer oil

There are two functions of the transformer oil: cooling and insulation. Since the core and windings generate heat, oil is used to transport and expel this heat. That is why transformer oils have high heat capacities. Oil flow can be made either by the thermosiphon effect or by pumping. Oil also has insulation properties preventing arcing and shorting. (source)

Three Phase Transformer


This category of transformer is three phase oil-immersed transformers for outdoor and indoor installation and still very required in Tunisian and african countries .
Three phase transformer is produced according to international norms (IEC 76 and ISO 9001/2008) and to national standards. Our transformers are tropicalized and reduced losses on demand.

Production Specification

Distribution transformers are provided in accordance with all requirements and standards recognized by STEG (National company for electricity and Gas).
In order to ensure an isothermal environement , we replaced the radiator by a wave-tank, witch is one of the most powerful technology today.

Conception features

Our magnetic circuits are manufactured with sheets electromagnetic silicon grain oriented ans hight permeability to obtain lower losses.
Our coils are made of copper electrolyte with 99% purity All insulation used are of type class A and F.
Cooling is provided by dielectric mineral oil.

Production control process

In order to provide our customer by good quality transformers , all our transformers are controlled during & at the end of production process in conformity with our quality chart with 9001/2015 standard.