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Centre Urbain Nord, Imm. Tour des bureaux 2ème étage – B01, Tunis

Engineering and Financial Services

Engineering and Financial Services

TBP is able to offer its clients complete solutions in Engineering and Financial Services, thanks to its internal competences and with the support of its network of partners and experts.

TBP offers its customers a wide range of services:
• Project Studies: design, planning and financing study
• Project management: Planning, monitoring and control
• Engineering Services
• Trainings

During its 20 years lifetime, MTT has developed a network of reliable partners and great values.This network is an important part of the success of MTT. The skills of our network include:

• Technical, financial and legal advice
• Study and realization of electrical, electronic, instrumentation and control systems
• The realization of metallic structures
• Air conditioning and plumbing
• Pumping , filtration and water treatment systems
• Transport and logistics …

We deliver a 5 stars engineering Services. it’s a collaborative activity, focused on understanding, followed by the invention, design and development of the best solution considering all aspects of the problem and the compromise.

Financial management

We ensure the economic and financial management of your Civil Engineering projects. This financial management includes:

Deadlines Management: In most cases, a construction project must be completed within a deadline determined by the project owner in agreement with the project manager.
Forcast scheduling: To carry out the planned work while respecting the contractual deadline, it is necessary to organize the coordination of the various stakeholders, by establishing a forcast schedule for carrying out the work.
Carrying out a “SCHEDULING”: planning consists of positioning on a calendar in a precise order, the various tasks allowing the completion of the work, indicating the start date and the end date of these tasks. The realization of a schedule therefore requires the use of a scheduling method.

Project Management

Project management is a method of planning, organizing and controlling the work to be done on a particular project. It can be said that project management is very helpful in achieving goals successfully. In fact, projects are usually halted due to poor project management, not because their goals are out of reach. Good project management means the timely delivery of goods or services without cost or time overruns.