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Centre Urbain Nord, Imm. Tour des bureaux 2ème étage – B01, Tunis



We are specialized in the construction of buildings for residential, hotel or industrial use.

Building construction requires hard work, careful planning and knowledge of architectural or structural techniques, as well as coordination with other specialists such as architects, engineers and builders.

All building construction operations generally go through the following phases:

PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE: General project outline; detailed feasibility study; final site layout and land use approval, including zoning and building permits.

DEVELOPMENT PHASE – Architectural design, including preparation of drawings and specifications for construction, precast structural panels and foundation systems.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE – Supervision of all precast structural elements and concrete work, such as the assembly of lightweight precast concrete structures.

Our Building Skills

MTT is specialized in the construction of hotels as well as their renovation

The process of building a hotel involves many steps, each of which requires a different type of intervention by experienced professionals.

MTT also offers products and services for industrial construction such as factories, armored stations…