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Merchant iron

Merchant iron

TBP offers a wide range of merchant iron, with the following standards:

– Reference standards: NT 26.09-NF EN 10025
– Grades: steel profile E235 (Fe360) quality B-S275JR / NF EN 10025-2
– Ranges:

1) CORNERS: from 25x25x3 to 50x50x5.

The irons angles are widely used in various industries thanks to it’s interlocking system. They are used to reinforce walls, segments and arches. Angle bars are structured based on their cross section, which makes them very versatile. For example, square shaped iron angle iron has a 90 degree bend and is widely used for the base of stairs, scaffolding and lintels.

2) SMOOTH ROUND IRON: from diam 8 to diam 40.

The round iron bar is a long, thin piece of metal. Due to its good performance, round iron has many applications in the construction field, such as reinforcing bars for buildings, steel for bridges, railways and steel structures, etc.

3) SQUARE IRON: from 10×10 to 20×20.

Square iron bar is a building material with an important versatility and efficiency. It is stronger than normal bars, its surfaces are easy to nail, easy to cut and joined end to end, and finally it is a lighter material.

4) FLAT IRON: from 20×06 to 50×10.

The flat bar construction approach for steel framing is a method used in steel building construction that typically involves a truss-like structure. This type of structure is made using custom-cut steel pieces to meet the individual requirements of each project. The cut flat steel is then welded together.