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Photovoltaic energy


Photovoltaic energy is a widely used term nowadays, given the consequences of global warming and the scarcity of fossil fuels.
TBP via its partner SEMAP operates mainly in the renewable energy sector, since 2016 within the scope of ‘PST’. It is approved by ANME for the realization of photovoltaic installations.

Thanks to our expertise, we offer you ready-to-use photovoltaic solutions fully meeting your needs.

ingénierie pour photovoltaïque


Detailed technical study:
• Design of the plants
• Evacuation station study
• Electrical conformity study
• Civil engineering study

Feasibility study:
• Site prospecting
• Producibility study
• Economic study

Business plan:
• Market study
• Regulatory framework study
• Profitability study

OUR Skills

We are specialists in the following installations:
• Residential and commercial
• Industrial
• Solar pumping
• Ground or floating systems
• Public lighting
• Solar shading

energie photovoltaïque pour industrie



Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, which is widely used across the world. It is derived from the sun and is stored as electromagnetic energy. The main sources of solar energy are photovoltaic (PV) panels and photovoltaic cells. Solar cells convert light into electrical energy, similar to a battery. However, unlike batteries, they can be recharged by exposing them to sunlight again and again.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy has been available for nearly thirty years, but it is only recently that its price has dropped drastically, making it more affordable for everyone.
Besides being affordable, solar panels do not cause any pollution, unlike other energy sources like oil or coal-burning power plants. They do not produce greenhouse gases, which are considered harmful.


The introduction of photovoltaic panels in the street lighting sector has resulted in many innovative designs for regular or area streetlights.
The design of the streetlight can be based on the traditional model, with a single lamp, or be more complex, such as a double-armed type. The position of the solar panel can vary from being fully integrated into the street light structure to being mounted on top of it.
In some cases, the solar panel is only used to charge the battery, while in other cases the panels can be connected to the electrical grid, providing electrical energy during daytime.


Solar photovoltaic pumping (SPV), also known as solar pumping, is a technology used to generate electricity using solar energy. SPV systems are typically used to pump groundwater from wells and boreholes. The electricity produced by this technology is used to power the pump and charge batteries on sunless days.

Typically, SPV systems consist of PV panels, an inverter, batteries and a pump. The PV panels are connected in series and/or parallel to create a photovoltaic array. This array then feeds an inverter that converts the direct current produced by the PV array into alternating current (AC) that can be used to power a pump or any other electrical device such as lights or motors.

The pump is used to draw water from a well or borehole and deliver it where it is needed. The water flows through a pipe from the well to the storage tank on your house or farm. Photovoltaic Energy is the solution for many projects, especially in a rural environment.


A solar shade is a structure allowing to park cars under the shade on a parking lot. This applies to the following spaces:
– Ministries and governmental organizations
– Industrial companies
– Supermarkets and commercial spaces
– Airports, hospitals and high traffic areas
A photovoltaic shade is one that is topped with a solar panel. These shades allow cars to stay in the shade while producing green electricity.


The solar shade is a classic parking shelter in which a solar panel is built in. There are different shapes and structures that can adapt to your needs.
The sun’s radiation activates the photovoltaic cells on the surface of the panel. These cells produce a direct current that passes through an inverter which transforms the direct current into alternating current. This current can then be injected into the grid to supply the company’s buildings and nearby homes.


The installation of solar shading systems has many benefits for companies. Thanks to these parking shelters, they can enhance the parking space of their premises while minimizing their energy expenses. Better yet, it can be a renewable energy producer while providing its electricity consumption.