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Protect your electrical circuits with our High performance circuit breakers

Protégez vos circuits électriques avec nos disjoncteurs performants

To ensure the proper functioning of a power supply system, the installation of a circuit breaker is essential. However, not all circuit breakers are good. You will need an efficient and safe device to avoid electrical circuit problems.


To detect an overload, it is equipped with a thermal device. To prevent short circuits, it uses a magnetic device. You can choose between a single-phase and a three-phase model. This circuit breaker reacts to problems in the electrical circuits.

If there is an overload, the bimetallic strip is deformed. It directly de-energises the circuit, thus protecting all your electrical installations and appliances. The electromagnetic coil also reacts in the event of a sudden current evolution which can cause a short circuit. The current flowing through the coil causes the circuit breaker to open or cut out.

Our thermal-magnetic circuit breaker ensures the safety of your electrical installation even when you are away. Your appliances will not be damaged by a current overload or short circuit. The device cuts off the current by isolating the faulty part. It is a smart circuit breaker that understands your installations perfectly.


Protégez vos circuits électriques avec nos disjoncteurs performants


The differential circuit breaker is a mandatory element imposed by the NF C15-100 standard. Its role is to protect electrical appliances, people and circuits. In the event of a prolonged overload, it detects it and automatically cuts off the mechanism. It also acts similarly in the event of a short-circuit or current leakage. It is the device of choice to prevent damage in your home.

Our differential circuit breaker is an electrical switch with automatic and manual operation. It can be used to quickly disconnect an electrical installation or a group of circuits from an appliance or installation in the event of an overload or leakage. The fire risk due to an overload or short circuit is non-existent if you use our differential circuit breaker. It should be noted, however, that it is not a differential switch. It is used with this type of switch to reinforce the safety of your installation. This tool is placed in an electrical panel upstream of a group of circuits or a circuit. It can play the same role as a general circuit breaker.


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