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Centre Urbain Nord, Imm. Tour des bureaux 2ème étage – B01, Tunis


Company Name : SEMAP

Birth Day : 2010


  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • ISO 14001 : environnement
  • ISO OHSAS 18001 : Occupational health and safety


lOGO semap partenaire TBP


SEMAP is a Tunisian electrical engineering company created in 2010, located at the “Center Urbain Nord” in Tunis. The company is skilled in HTB/HTA transformer stations.

Indeed, SEMAP provides assembly, automation, protection and commissioning of transformer stations. It collaborates with national and international organizations such as STEG, SIEMENS and several large factories that rely on its expertise in the field of electrical engineering as well as its latest generation equipment.

Moreover, this experience, combined with the know-how of its hundred employees, has allowed SEMAP to position itself at the forefront, among the leading companies on the market.

our strengths

SEMAP has been able to distinguish itself and his offer  by focusing on four areas:

Technical excellence
Technical excellence is an important skill that we apply at all levels of our company, both in human and material resources. In order to satisfy our customers, enhance our businesses and create value for our employees, this constant search for excellence is at the heart of our concerns.

Listening and communication
Constantly listening to your needs, we are customer-oriented and we do everything we can to optimize our internal processes as much as possible.

A founding value of SEMAP, commitment is at the heart of our company. For us, commitment means understanding the needs and expectations of our customers, colleagues and/or partners.

Respect for people and the environment
As an ISO and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) certified company, we naturally put the protection of the environment as well as the health and safety of our customers and employees at the center of our activities.

Contact US

Site web :

Téléphone : (+216) 71 82 27 33 

(+216) 71 82 27 77



Centre Urbain Nord, Immeuble Sana Business Center
Bloc A, Menzah, 1082, Tunis Tunisie