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Centre Urbain Nord, Imm. Tour des bureaux 2ème étage – B01, Tunis


Company Name : ECOLIVING

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ECOLIVING is the first Tunisian company to manufacture a whole range of composite wood furnishing products. Equipped with a revolutionary technology, ECOLIVING offers an innovative product from Fibranov wood composite.

Fibranov is an ecological composite material which is a substitute for exotic wood and used for both exterior and interior fittings. We offer wide ranges of products developed with the greatest respect for the environment.

The design of our products is carried out in such a way as to minimize environmental impacts, while taking into consideration their life cycle.

The Fibranov material extrusion technology ensures the performance and stability of its outputs. Combining the nobility of wood and its natural advantages with the physical properties of resistance and durability of resins and minerals, Fibranov presents itself as the ideal choice for acquiring natural and quality furnishing elements.

Respectful of nature, Fibranov blends harmoniously with your spaces and gives them an ecological touch thanks to its main composition based on wood fibres. We build, develop or redevelop your spaces, ECOLIVING brings you aesthetics, harmony, nature, durability and performance through its revolutionary products based on Fibranov.



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