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Reinforced concrete iron

TBP offers a wide range of Reinforced concrete iron: steels for reinforced concrete that can be welded in bars, smooth wire rod for reinforced concrete, steel for reinforced concrete that can be welded in sliced ​​coils.


The composition of steel reinforcement used in reinforced concrete is determined primarily by three variables: yield strength, ductility and corrosion resistance. The Choice will be made based upon these options.

– Standard/specification: NT 26.05 / NF A 35-080-1 / ASTM A615
– Grade: B500BWR / B500B
– French standard: AFCAB certificate n° B 10/253
– Nominal diameter: FROM 8 TO 32 MM


Reinforced concrete is widely used in buildings construction. There’s an important demand for this material, with continuous development and improvement. Accordingly there was a big development of various types of steel bars.

In recent years, smooth wire rod (SWR) is the most popular. Its characteristics are: strong corrosion resistance, high strength and high quality.

Product feature:

Hot rolled concrete reinforcing coils/weldable reinforced concrete:
– Crown length: 2000 mm.
– Inner diameter: 800 mm.
– External diameter: 1300 mm corresponding crown weight 2400 tons. 1220 mm corresponding crown weight 1915 tons.
– Wire diameter range:
* S275JR: Specification (NT 26.0561). Diameter (5.5-6-8-10-12-14-16mm).
* SAE 1006/1008/1010/1012 Draw Wire: Specification (ASTM A510). Diameter 5.5 to 16 mm

Hot rolled concrete reinforcing stretched coils

The strength of reinforced concrete can be increased by the use of steel reinforcement. Corbels, columns, beams and stairs are important examples of reinforced concrete construction.

Technical Product Feature:

– Standard/specification: NT 26.05 / NF A 35-080-1
– Grade: B500BWR / B500B
– Nominal diameter: from 6 to 16 mm.
– Max crown height: 2000 mm with a weight of 1500 kg to 5000 kg
– Min inside diameter 800 mm / outside 1220 mm – 1300 mm.

Our engineers and sales representatives are at your disposal to offer you the best reinforced concrete steel products.