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Electrical Switches

Electrical Switches

TBP with his partner SOMEF, is an industrial company specialized in electrical equipement, mainly in electrical switches.

Switches are used to open or close an electrical circuit, by interrupting the electric current or by diverting it from one conductor to another.

Our product range covers:
– Système 43
controls and accessories Clara
controls and accessories Sylvia
controls and accessories Nera
Cover plate
whaterproof range
Surface-mount housing
– 44 System
controls and accessories AVE Touch
controls and accessories Life Touch
controls and accessories s Allumia Touch
controls and accessories Domus Touch
controls and accessories s Communs S44
Cover plate
whaterproof range
Surface-mount housing
– System 45
controls and accessories white
controls and accessories Ivory
Cover plate
Whaterproof range
Surface-mount housing

Electrical Switches Application

Electrical switches are used to control the flow of electricity between two or more circuits. They can be used for single-circuit isolation, multiple-circuit isolation and switching.

Electrical switches are generally classified by their physical design and functionality. A circuit breaker is designed to protect against electrical overloads by closing a circuit breaker. A relay is designed to isolate one circuit from another without interrupting power flow. An electrical switch is designed to isolate one circuit from another without interrupting power flow.

electrical switches



A switch is a device that interrupts the flow of electric current in a circuit. The flow is usually restored by a mechanical action that reconnects the circuit again.

A switch can be mechanically, tactilely or remotely operated.

Switches provide a means to control electrical current supply to electric loads. One crucial aspect is to conduct electric current. The other aspect is the ability to break the current. This should happen as desired. For many electric switches, breaking the circuit involves putting an air gap between two contacts. The contacts must be opened fast enough to ensure the desired operation.

For most electronic switches, the state of the connection is changed by changing the effective resistance of that connection. The resistance can be made very high to effectively make it an open circuit or made low enough to close the circuit. It is common to have no physically moving components on the switch itself. (source)


Waterproof electrical switches are used in various industries, such as submarines, engine rooms, control panels, ship electrical equipment, etc.

They are mainly used in water and wet places. This series of waterproof electrical switches can be used for common lighting or emergency lighting circuit or other special applications.

With special features such as small size, light weight, low power consumption and high switching rate etc., it has the invaluable features of small volume, light weight and high reliability.